Kerb-Konus: Supplier of quality

Kerb-Konus-Vertriebs-GmbH has the following certifications:
since 1994 to ISO 9001
since 2007 to ISO 14001
since 2015 to ISO 50001

Kerb-Konus has prioritized quality as a guiding philosophy. Quality consciousness runs like a thread through every aspect of the companies performance and all its activities.

However, quality can only be effectively implemented when it is made a central concern for the entire company and firmly entrenched in the thoughts and actions of every employee. At Kerb-Konus, quality is a living philosophy.

Kerb-Konus threaded inserts and coatings are often produced in large quantities. Human safety frequently depends on our products. For this reason, we subject our products to the most stringent inspections and quality controls. And where their application is particularly crucial to safety, we test each and every individual part using state-of-the-art test and inspection equipment prior to delivery.

Our environmental and energy policy

Environmental protection
KKV commits itself to protect air, ground and water and takes preventive actions under its own initiative to avert any conceivable incident.

Systematic determination of energy consumption
We monitor our energy flows, use energy sparingly and increase our energy efficiency by implementing a continuous improvement process.

Ecologically harmless raw materials and supplies
We also seek savings potential in the field of raw materials and packaging and we look for economical, ecologically responsible and resource-saving alternative materials.

Energy-related criteria in investment projects and new developments
We strive to achieve a successive reduction in specific energy consumption across all our processes. We base any (new) technical solutions implemented to enhance energy efficiency on the state of the art as a minimum requirement.

Adherence to all environmentally and energy-relevant stipulations, legislation and regulations
We commit ourselves to adhere to the binding laws and regulations.

Awareness in thought and action on the part of all our employees
We undertake to keep you regularly and systematically informed in respect of questions relating to operational environmental protection, occupational health and safety and energy-efficient operation.. We provide active support to staff in the implementation of sensible and economical ideas and suggestions to improve environmental and energy management.

Information policy in respect of employees, suppliers, customers, the general public and interested parties
Regarding environmental impacts and environmentally-related performance whose effects apply beyond the confines of the company. On request we provide our customers with information on the environmentally compatible utilization of our products.